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Counselling Care Services

Counselling & Hypnotherapy


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a completely natural state of mind. There is absolutely nothing strange or mysterious about it and is completely safe and nobody can be made to say or do anything under hypnosis that they wouldn't say or do in a waking state.

In fact, most of us enter hypnosis several times a day without recognising it: have you ever been driving along in your car, when you suddenly realise you haven't noticed anything in the past few seconds, or even minutes? You've been in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation and can be used in many beneficial ways as the mind is open to suggestion therapy that can bring about beneficial change in our lives.

You are totally aware of our surroundings and those present during hypnosis and you remember everything that happens and we can bring ourselves out of it at any moment we choose.

Hypnosis is a means of changing our lives for the better, or simply a very enjoyable way to relax completely with the following being a sample:

Give up smoking, Alleviating fears, Anxiety, Confidence, Concentration and Success in Work, Fear of Flying, Managing Chronic and Acute Pain, Panic Attacks, Relaxation, Weight Loss, Build confidence, Anger management, Stop biting your nails, Relaxation and stress busting.