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Counselling Care Services

Counselling & Hypnotherapy


I use a collaborative approach between solution focused or Cogitative techniques (solution Focused) and the core values of the person centred model of counselling.

The person centred approach is a counselling based upon the work of Carl Rogers. The client and counsellor build a therapeutic relationship based upon trust, empathy, genuineness and non judgemental attitudes, where the client feels free to explore issues and express thoughts and feelings openly.

The solution focused Cogitative approach looks to build upon the clients strengths and resources that already exist. This approach is useful when blockages in life occur or there are feelings of being stuck.

The cogitative Behavioural approach looks at the though patterns behind what you are doing and feeling, enabling you to recognise these thoughts and allowing you to choose to change them and adopt new behaviours

Counselling offers the opportunity for change for those who may be experiencing any of the following:

  • Bereaved or grieving and finding it difficult to cope with a sense of loss. Feel you need someone to listen.
  • Suffering from an addiction, phobia or eating disorder and want to explore and deal with it.
  • Having relationship difficulties and need help to explore these
  • Feeling stressed and anxiousa and finding it difficult to cope; need someone to talk to
  • Feeling angry a lot of the time and want to explore and manage your anger.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Living with depression or feeling flat and finding it difficult to cope.
  • Feeling ill, drained or fatigued and need to talk to someone in a safe confidential environment.
  • Diagnosed with a serious illness and need someone to talk to about the implications, how you feel and someone who will listen.
  • Living with a disability or someone affected by disability and need someone to help you explore the implications.
  • Living with physical abuse and don't know how to cope or where to turn. Need someone who will listen and a safe, confidential environment to discuss this.
  • Being or have been sexually abused and need to talk to someone in safety and confidence about it.
  • Self harming and need to tell someone or talk to someone about it in a safe confidential environment.
  • Finding difficulty coping at home, at work - worried about your career.
  • Nobody seeming to understand you, alone or feeling isolated with your problems and need someone who will listen.
  • Feeling generally flat for no apparent reason and want to explore this.
  • Unable to talk to anyone in confidence about abuse and need a confidential safe environment to discuss this with someone who will listen.
  • Feeling bullied or bullying others and need someone who will listen to you.
  • Wondering about your sexuality and want to discuss this in confidence in a safe environment.
  • Post traumatic stress (PTSD).
  • Newly diagnosed or living with someone with HIV/AIDS and need someone to listen in a safe confidential environment.