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Counselling Care Services

Counselling & Hypnotherapy


Upon contacting Counselling care services the next stage would be for an assessment of your situation and the difficulties you are faced with if you are seeking counselling. The assessment form should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and is not compulsory, however it may be benificial to give us an idea of how we can work in partnership on your issues.

Part of the assessment includes the completion of a routine evaluation about how you have been over the last week. The evaluation is a tick box form and will used during our initial discussion.

During your initial consultation we may discuss the following

  • What you wish to get out of your counselling sessions
  • The frequency and time of your sessions
  • How we may work in partnership towards overcoming your issues

The assssment form is available from our download page and could completed prior to your initial counselling session will last for one hour.

For clients wishing to book appointments for Hypnotherapy an initial assessment or completion of the evaluation form is not required